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Hi, my name is Mick.

And I'm going to explain things real quick before I show you the capabilities of a brand new Forex trading software that generates tons of profitable trades and has generated an income like this. 

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Let's not get into a long story of who I am or was.

But, quickly.  I was a frustrated has-been that just couldn't hold a job. 

I tried to make money in Forex. Mainly because… I couldn't find a job that I liked.

I bought a lot of the so-called ‘autopilot trading systems’ out there only to find out that I had been scammed and that they just didn’t work..

Until I talked to a guy I know named George..

(And no.. I didn't mean him in the toilets or at a strip club or any other lame-ass B.S meeting.. He's a friend from high school!)

Lucky for me, he lived in the same city I did, beautiful - sunny San Diego...

This is a picture of his software company here is San Diego - I've blanked his logo for privacy reasons. (The Forex world can be cut throat some times!)

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George shared with me how he has generated an amazing income from a unique way of trading currency.. Something that has never been done successfully before...

He's never sold the software before, and he's never revealed his secrets..

Until now..

The trades he places are "HFTs" or (High Frequency Trades), and it uses a state of the art "Sequel Algorithm", that George and his guys developed right in house at his software company..

After several beers and some fish tacos, I was able to talk George into giving me a copy for myself to beta test... and the rest is history.

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This is just some of my screenshots of the success I'm having grabbing extreme profitable trades with this software.

And the money I earn from Forex is NOT by selling my own products like this..

This is 110% profits from trading these unique "Sequel Trades"..

Now, not only is George a good friend of mine, but we've become business partners.

And we're excited to launch the Version 2.0 of the Sequel Trading Software.

This is the software George and I collaborated on and made even better.

This software was a full year in development and now takes only MICRO SECONDS to process the algorithm instead of taking several milli-seconds (crazy huh??) like it did when he first created it.

So you're not getting last years old technology, this is the stuff we use right now.

And just so you know, I’m not going to get into a long winded explanation of all the crummy software and thousands of wasted dollars I had to sift through before I finally found George and his software.  

I’m sure you've gone through similar headaches with other so-called "automated trading software".

Some of you guys know the pain…

The pain that we all had to go through trying to use software or the latest 'Get Rich Quick' "Formula" that doesn't really do what it's supposed to.

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I want to demonstrate to you how this software actually works.

And best of all, you won't have to do any of the following: 

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Okay so what is ONE thing we know happens in the Forex markets every single day..

No matter what the pair..

No matter what the timeframe..

No matter what the time of day...

The markets MOVE.

Up and down.

Sequel Trading harnesses the power of these tiny movements and capitalises based on probability.

Have you heard of the Monty Hall Problem?

I've said to people before.. And I will say again. The Forex markets ARE totally predicatble. You just need to look at them in the correct light and it will all become clear for you..

Sequel Trader is there to turn the light on.. It knows when the next movement is going to be.. It's just pure probability..

Hey - Let me show you some examples of REAL LIVE trades Sequel Trader has performed..


Get what it's doing??

Like I told you.. The markets rise and fall every minute...

We just need to capitalise on thes tiny "micro" movements..

Here's another shot of LIVE ACTUAL TRADES that Sequel Trader placed in April 2012.

And a shot from MyFxBook (I can reveal URL on request.. But so you don't steal our strategy it's kept secret at the moment, but this is a REAL, ACTUAL LIVE MyFxBook account - Look for it. You may even find it!)


This can be your account.. No jokes.. No BS.. No false promises.

Like I've said guys.. This is out there.. These are MY profits.. My ACTUAL trades..

So what about on a smaller account?

Hey I appreciate we're not all made of money at the moment... And I know your probably dont have 20k to throw at an account right now... So what if we started with... $1500.

You can see profits right out of the box around the 50 bucks mark*...

Would an extra $200 a day make things easier?? I bet so..

Sequel Trader

These are the kind of results you're going to be seeing..

Amazing profitable trades flooding into your account with little to no intervetion.

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This software basically just reduced our 'learning curve' to 10 seconds.

And this is what George and I use right now to generate tons of cash month after month.

Look at these numbers. This is straight out of our Forex accounts...

Live Account #1
Live Account # 2
Live Account # 3
Live Account # 4

Well, there you have it.

And oh, I didn’t tell you the price...

The price is ONLY $9.95 TODAY!!


I’m not going to get into some huge, long and boring pitch of why you should buy this software.

I’m sure you bought a ton of other stuff that must have made you Super Happy and made you a ton of money...

And it may have been even easier than pressing an 'on' button.

And if that’s the case... Don’t order our product. 

We part as friends and you go back to using last years 'One Click Button Software' or the latest 'Super Automated While You Sleep' software...

I won’t blame you...

That's ok.

That’s my offer.

Click the button below.

Sequel Trader

It’s pretty straight forward.

We offer excellent support for our clients.

If you're not serious about making REAL money with Forex, please leave room for others that really need this system.

P.S.  We know the amount of trades this software version can deliver to each of our clients and we can’t bog down our server capacity, so we are limiting the amount of people that can register for this version.

P.P.S. If the link is not available later this week, I apologize...
e are anticipating our next scheduled version launch to be available in 6 months.


*Dependant on your risk and/or lot size traded.

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